How $323M in crypto was stolen from a blockchain bridge called Wormhole

Getty Images reader comments 109 with 65 posters participating, including story author Share this story This is a story about how a simple software bug allowed the fourth-biggest cryptocurrency theft ever. Hackers stole more than $323 million in cryptocurrency by exploiting a vulnerability in Wormhole, a Web-based service that allows inter-blockchain transactions. Wormhole lets people move […]

How Pfizer made an effective anti-covid pill

In a statement, the World Health Organization said it believes “prevention is better than cure” and that “these drugs will not be alternatives to vaccines.” The organization, based in Geneva, has yet to make a formal recommendation in favor of Paxlovid and says it wants to track whether side effects emerge. “It’s going to be […]

Help us inspire the next tech generation

ITP Team. 04 February 2022, 4:38 pm This year, ITPNZ and NZTech have combined forces on our school initiatives, with 123Tech, TechHub Talks and ShadowTech all now being run under the TechHub umbrella. But we need your help to make this a success. Check out the new TechHub website, where schools and volunteers can access all of […]

Griffin on Tech: Going Rogan – what to learn from Spotify’s woes and Wordle’s acquisition

Peter Griffin, Editor. 04 February 2022, 4:31 pm Joe Rogan is an infuriating interviewer, and not just because he allegedly spreads misinformation about Covid-19. Have you listened to him? Rogan’s vast audience – over 10 million people stream each episode of his podcast, sees him attract big-name guests like Tesla founder Elon Musk, celebrity astrophysicist […]

What researchers learned from deliberately giving people covid

What it all means: The findings come with the caveat that they’ve been derived from a small pool of volunteers, and are published in a pre-print paper that has not yet been peer-reviewed. However, they provide useful insights nonetheless. The fact that people become infectious so quickly and stay infectious for so long suggests that […]

Mac malware spreading for ~14 months is growing increasingly aggressive

reader comments 7 with 7 posters participating Share this story Mac malware known as UpdateAgent has been spreading for more than a year, and it is growing increasingly malevolent as its developers add new bells and whistles. The additions include the pushing of an aggressive second-stage adware payload that installs a persistent backdoor on infected […]

Turning AI into your customer experience ally

It’s one thing to know whether an individual customer is intrigued by a new mattress or considering a replacement for their sofa’s throw pillows; it’s another to know to how to move these people to go ahead and make a purchase. When deployed strategically, artificial intelligence (AI) can be a marketer’s trusted customer experience ally—transforming […]

$28 – the price of a hacked Kiwi credit card on the dark web

Peter Griffin, Editor. 02 February 2022, 10:26 pm On the dark web, there’s a flourishing trade in stolen credit card details and a new study reveals that New Zealanders’ information commands a premium. Virtual private network operator NordVPN analysed four million payment card details during a trawl of dark websites and picked up 50,000 that […]

Meet the NSA spies shaping the future

Future history The NSA’s Research Directorate is descended from the Black Chamber, the first group of civilian codebreakers in the United States who were tasked with spying on cutting-edge technology, like the telegraph. Existing only from 1919 to 1929, the group decoded over 10,000 messages from a dozen nations, according to James Bamford’s 2001 book […]