World building: Will Meta use its new supercomputer for the common good?

Peter Griffin, Editor. 25 January 2022, 1:32 pm Meta (formerly Facebook) has constructed what it claims will this year become the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence supercomputer. The AI Research SuperCluster (RSC), housed in an undisclosed location by Meta, will eventually be made up of 16,000 Nvidia A100 GPUs (graphics processing units) allowing Meta to […]

Dark Souls servers taken down following discovery of critical vulnerability

The_Grim_Sleeper reader comments 15 with 15 posters participating Share this story Bandai Namco, publisher of the Dark Souls role-playing game series, has taken down its player-versus-player servers while it investigates reports of a serious vulnerability that allows players to execute malicious code on the PCs of fellow players. Word of the critical remote-code-execution flaw emerged […]

AT&T announces multi-gigabit fiber: $110 a month for 2Gbps, $180 for 5Gbps

reader comments 10 with 9 posters participating Share this story AT&T has started offering 2Gbps and 5Gbps symmetrical Internet speeds over its fiber-to-the-home network, the telecom company announced today. The multi-gigabit speeds are available to “nearly 5.2 million customer locations in parts of more than 70 metro areas, such as LA, Atlanta, and Dallas,” AT&T […]

Hactivists say they hacked Belarus rail system to stop Russian military buildup

Enlarge / Servicemen of Russia’s Eastern Military District units attend a welcoming ceremony as they arrive in Belarus to take part in joint military exercises. Russia’s military is combining its own means of transport with train travel. Getty Images reader comments 44 with 39 posters participating, including story author Share this story Hacktivists in Belarus […]

A new era for data: What’s possible with as-a-service

But the right amount of data, clean and properly channeled, can quench a business’s thirst for insights, power its growth, and carry it to success, says Matt Baker, senior vice president of corporate strategy at Dell Technologies. Like water, data is not good or bad. The question is whether it’s useful for the purpose at […]

Top 9 Free AI Tools That Make Your Life Easier

Photo:- First one on the list is It is an AI based copy writer tool. Basically  what a copywriter tool does is, it gives you content that you can post on your blog or video  when you give it a few descriptions about the topic you want content on.So copy ai can help […]

Tonga struggles with ash, psychological trauma after eruption and tsunami

Families have prevented children from playing outside as Tonga struggles to deal with the ash and  psychological effects of last week’s volcanic eruption and tsunami, aid workers and local residents said. Telephone service interrupted.  The Red Cross said it was providing 173 households on the main island of Tonga not only with tents, food, water […]

Scientists scrutinise characteristics of new Omicron sub-variant

  Image Credit:CIPhotos via Getty Images Studies are underway to find out the precise characteristics of the latest Covid-19 variant ‘BA.2’. It already accounts for the majority of most recent cases in a number of countries, including India, Denmark and Sweden. But, for French Health Minister Olivier Véran, this sub-variant’s arrival in France is not […]

WhatsApp plans transfer of data between Android, iOS devices

  WhatsApp chat could now be transferred between Android and iOS devices after the Meta-owned messaging app  plans to roll out a new update.  This was revealed by the found source code  of WhatsApp 22.74 Beta for iOS. However, the migration process would not be easy and would require both devices to have the app […]