Beyond the ‘Geat Resignation’ – the hybrid tech workforce in 2022

Peter Griffin, Editor. 01 February 2022, 11:40 am Hybrid work is now the norm for millions of organisations across the world. But company culture has failed to adapt to the new reality, posing the risk of more talent walking out the door in search of more “meaningful work”. That’s the conclusion from global consulting group […]

10 Best Chrome Extensions That Are Perfect for Everyone

Are you a great Chrome user? That’s nice to hear. But first, consider whether or not there are any essential Chrome extensions you are currently missing from your browsing life, so here we’re going to share with you 10 Best Chrome Extensions That Are Perfect for Everyone. So Let’s Start. 1. LastPass When you have […]

This company says it’s developing a system that can recognize your face from just your DNA

Parabon’s technology “doesn’t tell you the exact number of millimeters between the eyes or the ratio between the eyes, nose, and mouth,” Greytak says. Without that sort of precision, facial recognition algorithms cannot deliver accurate results—but deriving such precise measurements from DNA would require fundamentally new scientific discoveries, she says, and “the papers that have […]

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Email Marketing

1. Why is email marketing important? Email is the marketing tool that helps you  create a seamless, connected, frictionless buyer journey. More importantly, email marketing allows you to build relationships with prospects, customers, and past customers. It’s your chance to speak  to them right in their inbox, at a time that suits them. Along with […]

2FA app with 10,000 Google Play downloads loaded well-known banking trojan

Getty Images reader comments 44 with 33 posters participating Share this story A fake two-factor-authentication app that has been downloaded some 10,000 times from Google Play surreptitiously installed a known banking-fraud trojan that scoured infected phones for financial data and other personal information, security firm Pradeo said. 2FA Authenticator went live on Google Play two […]

Microsoft fends off record-breaking 3.47 Tbps DDoS attack

Enlarge / Drowning in a sea of data. reader comments 14 with 14 posters participating Share this story As Internet attacks go, data floods designed to knock servers offline are among the crudest, akin to a brutish caveman wielding a club to clobber his rival. Over the years, those clubs have grown ever larger. New […]

Griffin on Tech: The fear index: A reality check for the tech dreamers

Peter Griffin, Editor. 28 January 2022, 2:32 pm The Nasdaq entered correction territory this week, a number of big-name tech stocks suffered large drops in value, while the crypto market remained in bearish territory. Those two words starting with ‘i’ – interest and inflation have spooked markets in general but taken a bigger toll on […]

macOS 12.3 will break cloud-storage features used by Dropbox and OneDrive

reader comments 11 with 10 posters participating Share this story If you’re using either Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive to sync files on a Mac, you’ll want to pay attention to the release notes for today’s macOS 12.3 beta: the update is deprecating a kernel extension used by both apps to download files on demand. The […]