The Code Must Go On: An Afghan Coding Bootcamp Becomes a Lifeline Under Taliban Rule

Four months after the Afghan government fell to the Taliban, 22-year-old Asad Asadullah had settled into a new routine.  In his hometown in Afghanistan’s northern Samangan province, the former computer science student started and ended each day glued to his laptop screen.  Since late October, Asadullah had been participating in a virtual coding bootcamp organized […]

TikTok replaces Google as world’s most popular website

  TikTok become the  most popular domain on the internet by 2021 on Tuesday, by replacing Google  according to  cybersecurity company Cloudflare. TikTok is a video-focused social media site from the Chinese company ByteDance. “It was  February 17, 2021 when TikTok took first place for one day,” write Joao Tome and Sofia Cardita  in a […]

Elon Musk reveals who bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto might be

  Musk.MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images Elon Musk seems to agree with many that hyper-secret cryptocurrency expert Nick Szabo could be Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of the digital currency Bitcoin.  “You can watch ideas evolve before Bitcoin was launched and see who wrote about those ideas,” Musk told artificial intelligence researcher Lex Fridman on […]

New Flagpro malware linked to Chinese state-backed hackers

 The cyber espionage group APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) Blackwell has been targeting Japanese companies with a new type of malware that researchers call “Flag pro”. Second level malware and run it.  Breaching corporate networks The chain of infection begins with a phishing e-mail that was developed for the target organization and pretends to be a […]