New TechHub platform to inspire the next generation

TechHub Schools Team. 26 November 2021, 2:40 pm

New TechHub platform to inspire the next generation

The tech industry and schools got a little closer today, with the new TechHub kicking off. TechHub is a platform for the industry’s nationwide in-school programmes, helping introduce kids to digital tech.

The new platform currently hosts the tech industry’s primary nationwide programmes in schools, launching with:

  • Tahi Rua Toru Tech – NZ’s digital tech challenge in schools
  • TechHub Talks – tech professionals talking in schools about opportunities
  • ShadowTech – spend a day shadowing a tech professional at work
  • CodeClub Aotearoa – free volunteer-led coding clubs for kiwi kids

The first three are run by the TechHub team, operated by IT Professionals NZ in partnership with NZTech and a host of industry partners. CodeClub is our first “external” programme being promoted to schools through the TechHub platform.

Check out the new TechHub platform at

Why the new platform?

ITPNZ and NZTech operationally combined our programmes, while also providing a platform for other nationwide industry programmes to be promoted into schools, to make it easier and simpler for schools to engage with the tech industry.

Prior to TechHub, schools were being approached by these programmes (and others!) separately; a massive duplication of effort and a real headache for schools and teachers. Now through TechHub, our team will be promoting all TechHub programmes together and giving schools a “menu” of options to choose from.

On the industry volunteer side, it was also confusing for those wanting to help inspire the next generation. Again through TechHub, those who want to help promote digital tech in schools can sign up to one or more of the programmes all in one place now.

It was the logical next step as the industry-driven in-school programmes continue to grow, scale up and mature. As an industry, we’re getting organised.

Where to from here? 

Now schools and volunteers can sign up for each programme from the one place, however we’ll shortly be introducing a single sign-up on the TechHub platform – enabling schools and volunteers to more easily sign up for some or all TechHub programmes in one go.

The TechHub platform also isn’t a walled garden. While it will only ever promote programmes that are scalable, focus on kids, are free for schools and available nationwide, we expect that over time other initiatives will be offered through the platform.

We also expect TechHub to grow into a core “place to go” for schools, teachers and students wanting to know more about the industry. This will include roles, educational pathways and so much more.

Get involved!

The idea of TechHub is that our industry can come together to make a real difference in schools, and help more kids discover the opportunities in tech. It’s a long play, but it will make a real difference. 

But it’s just a platform. It’ll only work if we, as an industry, get behind it and make it work.

What we need from you: 

More Industry partners

The reality is, the core programmes can only survive thanks to the support of industry partners like Datacom, NZSE and more. But as we continue to scale, we need more to come onboard. Our industry needs to pool our resources and make it happen.

While we’re talking about industry partners, we want to say a MASSIVE thanks to our existing partners like the Ministry of Education, Datacom, NZSE, PlanIT Testing, eStar, NZX, InternetNZ, Jade Software and so many more. We’ve been making a difference in schools with these programmes for a number of years, and these partners have stuck by us. Our partners are the real stars.

But we need more. You’ll hear more about this next week but check out this page in the meantime. 

More volunteers

The programmes work because people in our industry are happy to give a little time to inspire the next generation. But we need more! Check out the different programmes and sign up to contribute – full support/training provided.

More at

Let’s work together to make a real difference in schools.

Check out the new TechHub platform at

Source: ITP New Zealand Tech Blog

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