ITP releases Skills Portfolio tools to help advance careers

ITP Team. 17 November 2021, 3:43 pm

IT Professionals NZ today released their full CareerAdvance programme, including a Skills Portfolio tool paired with career planning resources and a recently refreshed full mentoring programme.

ITP CareerAdvance

With CareerAdvance, you can create your very own Skills Portfolio: build up your own skills profile, then compare with potential job roles to help determine what you need to do to advance your career.

ITP members are amongst the first in the world to map skills to SFIA8, the latest version of the world’s most popular skills framework and hot off the press. SFIA8 includes significant greater coverage of cybersecurity skills, plus a huge range of improvements.

More details and intro video


What is CareerAdvance?

ITP’s CareerAdvance service includes 3 core components to help you get ahead in your career:


1. Create your Skills Portfolio

Free access to our online skills mapping tool (BETA) to help you map out and build your current Skills Portfolio

2. Get your own Career Mentor

Once you have your Skills Portfolio, we’ll pair you up with your own mentor to help plan the next steps

3. Create your Career Plan

We’ll provide guidance, templates and support for you and your mentor to create a personalised career plan

ITP’s CareerAdvance really will help you get ahead in your career.

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If you’re an ITP member you can access the Skills Portfolio tool and/or sign up for your mentor now.

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Here are some of the frequently asked questions about CareerAdvance:

Who is it for?

In a word, YOU.

It doesn’t matter what stage you are in your career – whether just starting out, mid-career, looking to specialise, or senior professional – CareerAdvance is for you. We’ll help you map out where you’re at, help figure out your future and help you get there.

Why are we releasing it now?

We announced CareerAdvance earlier in the year, as part of the ITP update events around New Zealand. However with the subsequent announcement of SFIA8’s imminent release, we decided to hold off and release it with the most up-to-date skills framework possible and that’s what we’ve done.

That’s why ITP members are amongst the world’s first to utilise SFIA8 for mapping skills.

Is it *really* free for ITP members?

Yes, it certainly is. The whole programme is free, with the Skills Portfolio tool available to all members. Career Mentoring is aimed at those currently working in digital or tech roles, so isn’t available for student members (we support student career progression in other ways).

What if I’m not an ITP member?

It easy to join New Zealand’s professional digital and tech community, and CareerAdvance is just one way we’ll help you get ahead in your career.

We also run regular events and courses, and offer certification and guidance and much much more.

Find out more and join ITP here

Can you make it available to all my staff?

Lots of people want to use this as a framework for professional development within their team, especially in the current environment.

In short, yes. Our Corporate Partnership Programme has a group membership component that will help sign up all your staff to ITP membership quickly and easily, and at a heavily discounted bulk rate. Contact us for details

Alternatively, we can help connect you to consultants who can help you undertake a full and detailed skills assessment for your team.

Is the tool itself new?

The CareerAdvance Skills Portfolio Tool is built on SkillsTx, an existing skills mapping tool that has been heavily customised and is now available for ITP members. SkillsTx is used by hundreds of organisations across the world to map skills. Having said that, our implementation is in BETA development, so please do let us know if you have any issues at all.

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Source: ITP New Zealand Tech Blog

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