Nobel Peace Prize: Is this Greta Thunberg’s year?

The Nobel Peace Prize will be announced just three weeks before world leaders gather for a climate summit that scientists say could determine the future of the planet, one reason why prize watchers say this could be the year of Greta Thunberg. The world’s most prestigious political accolade will be unveiled on Oct. 8. While […]

What you need to know about US vaccine proof on your phone

We’re keeping track of the covid vaccine apps rolling out in the US and some of the ways people can now prove they’re vaccinated. But there’s a lot of conflicting and confusing information, and a lot of developers are vying to provide the go-to solution. Here, we’ve gathered answers to some common questions. The basics […]

Step by step guide for downgrading instantly to Windows 10

Microsoft’s latest Windows 11 operating system aims to make the current Windows experience finer with its design prettier and more user-friendly interface. However, regardless of all the improvements and better UI, some of your important software might not work right in the new operating system. And thus downgrading or going back to Windows 10 might […]

Griffin on Tech: Tech innovation can help us open back up

Peter Griffin, Editor. 01 October 2021, 4:03 pm The New Zealand Herald’s technology editor Chris Keall likely reflected the reaction of many around the country on Wednesday with his two-word tweet (now deleted) early on during Wednesday’s 1pm Covid briefing: “F**k me!” The 45 new cases of Covid came as a shock, particularly to Aucklanders […]