Digital body language for the post-pandemic era

The awkward pause on a Zoom call. The brusque, ambiguous email. The context-free meeting invite. When online interactions are so easily misconstrued, effective communication is essential. As the author of the new book Digital Body Language, Erica Dhawan, MBA ’12, trains corporate leaders to connect fluently in this new era of remote work, with clients […]

Amit Sinha and Deepali Perti Sinha

“Because of my time at MIT, I had the training and opportunity to work with some of the smartest people throughout my career,” says Amit Sinha, chief technical officer and president of research and development, operations, and customer service at Zscaler, a cloud-based information security company. “Plus, my friends and colleagues think I’m smarter than […]

The way forward: Merging IT and operations

“People in operations see a ton of opportunity,” says Irani-Famili, who has worked in the energy sector for the better part of a decade. For problems they encounter every day, OT dreams up potential fixes. For example, if there’s a power outage, relevant supervisors could automatically get notifications wherever they are. Or staff availability data […]

Investing in people is key to successful transformation

People can be your most important catalyst for digital transformation—or the greatest obstacle. When people-related challenges to transformation progress emerge, the problems are usually very easy to identify but much harder to solve. The challenge is not awareness. Organizations realize that cloud transformations are hard and that they need highly skilled, motivated staff to carry […]

Why the trial data supports covid-19 vaccines for children

That’s why, when officials meet, they will weigh up a complicated set of factors. What are the chances that a child will be infected with covid? How much protection does a vaccine provide? What are the potential symptoms and complications children face from taking it?  Taking all these questions into account, says Blumberg, “it’s clear […]

How AI could solve supply chain shortages and save Christmas

Covid-19 has shined a spotlight on many of the world’s networks, from the internet to international air travel. But the supply chains that crisscross the world—the ships and trucks and trains that link factories to ports and warehouses, bringing almost everything we buy many thousands of miles from where it’s produced to where it’s consumed—are […]

During Covid we turned to video games to stay entertained – and connected

Peter Griffin, Editor. 26 October 2021, 12:22 pm Video games constituted the second more popular medium behind streaming video during the pandemic, according to new research from the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association. The study, which surveyed 2,270 New Zealanders across 800 households, found that 3.7 million of us, or 73% of the population, played […]

Securing your digital life, part one: The basics

Enlarge / Artist’s impression of how to keep your digital stuff safe from all kinds of threats. Aurich Lawson | Getty Images reader comments 35 with 29 posters participating Share this story I spend most of my time these days investigating the uglier side of digital life—examining the techniques, tools, and practices of cyber criminals […]

More than 100,000 people have had their eyes scanned for free cryptocurrency

Enlarge / People in Chile with Worldcoin’s “Orb” iris scanner. reader comments 36 with 32 posters participating, including story author Share this story More than 100,000 people have had their eyes scanned in return for a cryptocurrency called Worldcoin, as a project to distribute digital money more widely around the world accelerates. Worldcoin has distributed […]