Robo-taxis are headed for a street near you

In the coming years, mobility solutions—or how we get from point A to point B—will bridge the gap between ground and air transportation—yes, that means flying cars. Technological advancements are transforming mobility for people and, leading to unprecedented change. Nand Kochhar, vice president of automotive and transportation for Siemens Software says this transformation extends beyond […]

How computing has transformed

Wing herself never intended to study computer science. In the mid-1970s, she entered MIT to pursue electrical engineering, inspired by her father, a professor in that field. When she discovered her interest in computer science, she called him up to ask if it was a passing fad. After all, the field didn’t even have textbooks. […]

We are awash in digital light

In A Biography of the Pixel, Smith’s aim is to set down clearly the trajectory of two important, intertwined stories. The first story is the development of computer images, from origin to digital ubiquity. There are, in Smith’s telling, many names, places, and breakthroughs missing from the record, and he has taken on the job […]

An uber-optimistic view of the future

To his credit, Azhar duly notes the problems arising from the fast transformations brought about by these technologies, most notably what he calls the “exponential gap.” Big tech corporations like Amazon and Google are gaining great wealth and power from the technologies. But other companies and many institutions and communities “can only adapt at an […]

Laptops alone can’t bridge the digital divide

These individualistic narratives invariably smooth over the social support that has always been an important, though unacknowledged, component of learning. Ideally, this includes a stable home environment without housing or food insecurity; a safe community with good infrastructure; and caring, skilled, well-­resourced teachers. When covid-19 shuttered schools around the world throughout 2020 and, in many […]

Be a good example

Then I tried, up front, telling the boys what I didn’t want to talk about. But they wouldn’t listen.  Our father said teenage boys were always like this. It was nothing new.  Thoughts. Sierra Kidd is my sister. I am her Older Sibling. My name is Kim, what is yours? My age is 15. This […]

How we covered the evolution of computing

February 1969 From “Man, Machine, and Information Flight Systems”: The flight of Apollo 8 to the moon involved obtaining and processing more bits of data than were used by all fighting forces in World War II. The technological achievement in developing advanced rockets for flying to the moon is reasonably well known. Much less understood, […]

Hello, from the mysterious world of computing

As you likely know, each issue has its own theme. This issue is on computing—a topic so utterly central to what we cover it seemed important to tackle it head on.  When I was young, personal computers were something entirely new. They were vaguely mysterious—you had to know the language—and utterly fascinating. I spent countless […]

How Alibaba tracks China’s delivery drivers

Eleme, which has 83 million monthly active users, is owned by the tech giant Alibaba, which also owns Taobao, one of the world’s biggest e-commerce platforms. Since launching the new system in hundreds of Chinese cities starting in 2018, Eleme says, it has saved merchants $8 million in refunds to customers for problems with their […]