3 tips to align your values with your startup’s culture

Mark McClain Contributor Mark McClain is the founder and CEO of SailPoint, the leader in cloud enterprise security. You’ve heard the phrase “leading by example,” but what about “leading with values”? I’ve always led by example by using my values as my guide. Still, it wasn’t until I founded my first company that I fully […]

Subscription-based Bright Cellars lands more funding to personalize its wines

Bright Cellars, a six-year-old, Milwaukee, Wis.-based subscription-based wine seller has, like many upstarts, evolved over time. While it once sent its club members third-party wines that fit their particular profiles, Bright Cellars says it’s now amassing enough data about its customers through its “palate” quizzes that it no longer sells wines made by other brands. […]

Covid stimulus and digital push buoy tech sector

Peter Griffin, Editor. 02 September 2021, 8:47 am ICT spending in New Zealand and Australia is expected to grow 2.1% despite the impact of ongoing lockdowns on both sides of the Tasman. Analyst group IDC Research estimates both countries will spend US$84 billion this year on information and communication technologies and is forecasting the growth […]

Virtual events startups have high hopes for after the pandemic

Few people thought of virtual events before the pandemic struck, but this format has fulfilled a unique and important need for companies and organizations large and small during the pandemic. But what will virtual events’ value be as more of the world attempts to return to life before COVID-19? To find out, we caught up […]

Agility Robotics’ Digit gets a warehouse gig

A new video from Agility Robotics showcases an increasing familiar sight: advanced, autonomous robots performing boring warehouse tasks. It’s not the sort of video that tends to be hugely viral for a company, rather, it’s the sort of meat and potatoes proof of concept that companies like Boston Dynamics wedge between flashy videos of parkour […]

Twitter rolls out paid subscription ‘Super Follows’ to let you cash in on your tweets

After opening applications in June, Twitter is rolling out Super Follows, its premium subscription option, starting today. The feature, first revealed in February, will allow users to subscribe to accounts they like for a monthly subscription fee in exchange for exclusive content. For creators, Super Follows are another useful tool in the emerging patchwork of […]