Russia arrests cybersecurity expert on treason charge

Enlarge / KAZAN, RUSSIA – JULY 9, 2020: Group-IB CEO and founder Ilya Sachkov speaks during a panel discussion with representatives of the IT industry at Innopolis’ Popov Technopark. Dmitry Astakhov | Getty Images reader comments 55 with 46 posters participating Share this story The founder of one of Russia’s largest cybersecurity companies has been […]

Supply chain struggles to keep up iPhone 13 demand as COVID-19 hits Vietnam

A new report by NkkeiAsia says that iPhone 13 buyers are facing “longer-than-expected” delivery time due to the COVID-19 wave in Vietnam and the deployment of a new camera feature. Although reports suggest that iPhone 13 camera parts get priority as Samsung orders fall below expectations, supply chains in Vietnam are struggling with constrained supplies […]

Costa Rican banks continue to ready Apple Pay ahead of expected launch

It’s been a few months since 9to5Mac began reporting on Costa Rican banks readying the launch of Apple Pay in the country. Now, Banco Promerica just uploaded Apple’s payment system terms and conditions to its web page. more… The post Costa Rican banks continue to ready Apple Pay ahead of expected launch appeared first on […]

Federal privacy law stalled; plan B could be FTC regulation

Despite widespread support for a federal privacy law across US citizens, businesses, civil rights groups, and even politicians, efforts to create one appear to have stalled. Congress now appears to be placing its hopes in FTC regulation instead … more… The post Federal privacy law stalled; plan B could be FTC regulation appeared first on […]

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says U.S. government should avoid regulating crypto

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Tuesday said the U.S. government should steer clear of trying to regulate the crypto market. “It is not possible to, I think, destroy crypto, but it is possible for governments to slow down its advancement,” Musk said at the Code Conference in Beverly Hills, California. Musk was responding on stage […]

Podcast: How games teach AI to learn for itself

From chess to Jeopardy to e-sports, AI is increasingly beating humans at their own games. But that was never the ultimate goal. In this episode we dig into the symbiotic relationship between games and AI. We meet the big players in the space, and we take a trip to an arcade. We Meet:  Julian Togelius, […]

China reveals drone concept similar to US-made Kratos XQ-58A Valkyrie

China on Wednesday revealed a drone concept similar in mission – and appearance – to the US-made Kratos XQ-58A Valkyrie as countries race to invest in “loyal wingman” drones to help protect pricier crewed fighter jets. The long-range FH-97 drone concept unveiled on Wednesday can carry different types of weapons, and has swarm and electronic […]