Here are all the startups pitching today at Venture Day Minsk

Venture Day Minsk (organised by tech startup hub Imaguru) is run annually, but because of the pandemic and the political situation in Belarus it has gone virtual. Even Imaguru itself has had to switch to online-only operations after Lukashenko’s thugs shut down its physical space. If you want to support them, check out their startups, and maybe grab a T-shirt.

There are are always interesting startups to watch out of Belarus, a country which has produced startups like Splitmetrics, MSQRD, PingFin, DEIP and TrackDuck well as PandaDoc.

A run-down of who is pitching in below.

You can tune in to the live stream here. Investors can network with the startups here. And you can join the startup pitches on Clubhouse here. On twitter the hashtag is here.

Startups pitching:

1 – TeenUP: learning video platform teens-2-teens to unlock the teenagers’ potential and personality @TeenUP12

2 – Dignity: app for Business & Personal needs to talk, organize, sell, pay & manage without middlemen, make your Digital life private and secure your Assets #dignity

3 – Voxmate: an intuitive, gesture-based, Android app for people who are blind or visually impaired. It makes news, books, games and instant messaging accessible in a completely new way @voxmateapp

4 – LabMap App: app to explain laboratory tests in 24 hours in a clear language and monitor the state of health and the dynamics of biological indicators.

5 – Pigpug AI neurofeedback brain training system for kids with ADHD and ASD @PigPugHealth

6 – SOVA App: mobile app for overwhelmed, exhausted or anxious people to get stress relief fast and sleep well by night rituals  #sovaapp

7 – Itgen: an online edu platform for 1-1 live tutoring for kids from 8 to 16 years old @itgenik

8 – Filmustage: app which highlights breakdown elements in movie/game screenplays in seconds, changing the process from breakdown creation to breakdown discussion @filmustage

9 – DjinnSensor: IoT & cloud solution to manage indoor environment #djinnsensor

10 – Skinive: a Skincare AI-Assistant, based on the DL & CV technologies & medical experience which enables you to check your skin spots within 30 seconds. @skinive1

11 – FARBA: a professional apps design and prototyping tool  #farbaapp

Source: TechCrunch

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