iPhones of US diplomats hacked using “0-click” exploits from embattled NSO

Getty Images reader comments 60 with 43 posters participating Share this story The iPhones of nine US State Department officials were infected by powerful and stealthy malware developed by NSO Group, the Israeli exploit seller that has come under increasing scrutiny for selling its wares to journalists, lawyers, activists, and US allies. The US officials, […]

AT&T failed to fix Ohio man’s broken Internet service for a month

reader comments 57 with 43 posters participating Share this story Ohio resident John Sopko had to go a month without his AT&T fixed wireless Internet service because the company repeatedly failed to diagnose and fix the problem, the Akron Beacon Journal reported today. AT&T finally figured out this week that the antenna on Sopko’s roof […]

Why blanket travel bans won’t work to stop omicron

In fact, travel bans don’t solve the problem—they just postpone it, says Raghib Ali, an epidemiologist at the University of Cambridge, UK. Better testing is a far more effective measure. “We need a balanced and proportional response. That means no travel bans, but testing and quarantine for people coming from countries where omicron is circulating,” […]

My Vaccine Pass required at all ITP Events

ITP Team. 03 December 2021, 2:00 pm ITP today announced that My Vaccine Pass will be required at all ITP face-to-face events, to be reviewed by the ITP Executive on a quarterly basis. While ITP’s natural position is one of inclusiveness, this step really is necessary for us to return to in-person events. As well […]

15 years and $11 billion – the rapid rise of Kiwi software companies

Peter Griffin, Editor. 03 December 2021, 11:42 am If mergers and acquisitions are a way of measuring progress, New Zealand software companies have had a phenomenal run in the last 15 years. Investment bank Clare Capital has tracked $11 billion worth of acquisitions and mergers of tech companies, starting with the acquisition of Trade Me […]

Ransomware attack on Planned Parenthood steals data of 400,000 patients

reader comments 34 with 29 posters participating Share this story Ransomware hackers broke into a Planned Parenthood network and accessed medical records or other sensitive data for more than 400,000 patients of the reproductive health care group. The disclosure came in a sample letter posted to the California attorney general’s website and a release published […]